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The Bread & Water Populaire was a smash hit! 70 riders showed up to ride the big, beautiful loop around Anchorage. It was great seeing so many new faces on the ride. And even the weather cooperated. Looking for more populaires, or perhaps a 200K? Check out the rest of the rides on the Rando Calendar.

Thanks to Buzz and Carlos for helping out on the course. You two really made things run smoothly.
Results will be posted soon. But in the meantime, populaire photos are HERE!
Next up is the Solstice 200/400/600K brevets starting from Gakona next Saturday, June 19th.
Ride details for the 200K, 400K, and/or the 600K are HERE.
The 600K is a huge, remote, beautiful ride! If you’re not quite up for it, but are still looking for a solstice adventure and a reason to ride the Richardson Highway, consider the one-way 200K to Delta, or the one-way 400K to Tok. It’s up to you to get yourself back to your car at the start, or perhaps you can cajole friends or family to drive up and meet you. Another option is to get a B&B in Delta for the 200K, and ride back to Gakona the next morning. For the 400K, consider taking an extra day and ride the remaining 200K back to your car in Gakona.
There are lots of options! The riding is such high quality, and the scenery is so breathtaking, I really hope more people make the effort to get up there sometime during the summer!
Photos from 2009 are HERE.
See you in Gakona!

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