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Cast your cruelty aside, April. We’re riding anyways!

Come join us in Talkeetna next Saturday, April 13th, for the launch of the 2013 Alaska randonneuring season.

Talkeetna is a great destination town for us with its wonderful hotels, restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and brewery. The Talkeetna Roadhouse is rolling out the red carpet for us with a special early-morning riders’ breakfast to help fuel our ride. Rooms are available for next Friday night, so you don’t have to do that pre-dawn, blurry-eyed drive on Saturday morning before the ride. Plus, the state DOT does a magnificent job at clearing the road shoulders, making for fantastic early-season cycling.

All the details, including documents, for our Talkeetna 100K/200K rides are HERE.

Renew your RUSA membership for 2013 HERE. The rider handbook and quarterly newsletter are a tremendous value.

We’ve put together a full summer of incredibly scenic, adventurous, rich and challenging rides for you all across our beautiful state. Make this the summer you ride them all!

To encourage that idea, we’re offering a special deal. Pay for a full Super Randonneur series (200K, 300K, 400K, 600K) for the regular price of $150, and ride any and all of our other rides for F-R-E-E! (except the BWR, of course.) That's a tremendous value, and it's simply because we want you to just get out and ride.

No doubt you’ve noticed how many new 200K rides we’ve added to our calendar the past few seasons. The 200K distance is sort of the magic length for a full day on the bike. But, we’re also really working to encourage riders to discover how approachable our 300K, 400K, and 600K rides are for the typically fit cyclist. Our courses are intelligently designed to serve the needs of long-distance cyclists, both novice and experienced. And even our most remote courses offer plenty of controls along the way to resupply and sustain your ride to the finish.

If you’ve ridden any of our 200K rides before, consider exploring the challenge of a longer ride this summer. A full Super Randonneur series is a tremendous cycling achievement. With a dash of determination, you’ll find that it’s surprisingly within reach.

April 13             Talkeetna 100K/200K

April 20                  ABC Moose Run TT

April 27             Palmer Spring Classic 50K/100K/200K

May 5                     Bike for Women TT

May 18                  Clean Air Challenge

May 18             Anch-Palmer-Anch 200K/300K

May 19                  Gold Nugget Triathlon

May 25             Denali Hwy 200K

June 1              Anch-Seward-Anch 200K/400K

June 9                   Tour de Cure

June 16            Ronde Van Anchorage Populaire 100K

June 22            Solstice 200K/400K/600K

June 29               Ride for Life

July 12-13            Fireweed 400

July 21-24         The Big Wild Ride 1200K

August 24         Eagle River 100K/200K

September 14    Homer End-of-the-Road 100K/200K


Come ride with us!

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