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Come Ride With Us!

Bike-to-Work Month just started today, and Alaska randonneurs already have ridden 9,600Km!

Randonneuring season is in full swing. Need to put the adventure and challenge back in your ride? Training for the Fireweed 400 or a big charity ride this summer? Or, simply just want a reason to spend a day on the bike? Come ride with us!

We’ve got a full ride schedule of scenic, inspiring, and challenging rides ahead of us. The Talkeetna 100K and 200K offered great riding and a full day of stunning views of Denali. The Palmer Spring Classic packed downtown Palmer with 94 riders starting off on a bluebird, but blustery day.

Next up is the Anchorage/Palmer/Anchorage 200K/300K. It’s a wonderful and rambling course offering a surprising amount adventure through neighborhoods and towns we’re all mostly familiar with; no getting lost on this one. 200K and 300K riders share the majority of the courses – more fun, camaraderie, and safety in numbers!

Here are preliminary maps of the two courses:

Anchorage/Palmer/Anchorage 200K

Anchorage/Palmer/Anchorage 300K

Our 2013 Season

Again, over the Memorial Day weekend, this year we’re offering a randonneuring option to AEA’s Denali Gravel Grinder. Shortly after that, we host our legendary Ronde van Anchorage 100K. For Solstice, it’s back up to Gakona to ride the Richardson – arguably the finest 200Km stretch of road in the entire state of Alaska!

July brings the return of The Big Wild Ride Grand Randonnée. Again, riders from around the world will gather on the shores of Prince William Sound in Valdez to ride 1,200Km through Fairbanks to Anchorage in 90 hours or less.

Our schedule lightens up in late summer and early fall with a brilliant course around Anchorage and Eagle River, designed by legendary, local cycling hard-man Bob Voris. Then we’re down to Homer to enjoy the fall colors and take-your-breath-away views of Kachemak Bay on the End-of-the-Road 100K/200K.

Our full ride schedule is HERE.

Volunteer For The Big Wild Ride

Want to experience randonneuring at the international level? Want to contribute to an event that’s bigger than us all? Volunteer for the Big Wild Ride. Whether you want to be involved for a day or a week, it’s an event where you’ll make a meaningful impact and gain a tremendous amount of satisfaction by being an integral part.

Renew Your RUSA Membership

Finally, now’s a great time to renew your membership or join RUSA. In addition to being able to qualify for various prestigious awards, RUSA members receive a subscription to American Randonneur, plus a copy of the RUSA members’ handbook. The handbook alone is worth the cost!

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