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The rando season is progressing, and it's been an amazing season so far! This weekend is our annual Anchorage/Seward/Anchorage 200K/400K brevets. Need to get some serious distance before the Fireweed? This is the ride you want to be on.
We've been offering this ride for over six years now. It's a classic. It's legendary in its aesthetic, style, and beauty: The mountains and ocean experience is breathtaking on the bike.
The 400K is a traditional out-n-back course, putting you on familiar ground for the return leg for a psychological advantage. It's simple, straight-forward, no-nonsense, and you can't get lost! Both the 200K and the 400K rides depart South Anchorage at 04:00.
I get a lot of grief about the pre-dawn start, but the Turnagain Arm is breathtaking at those hours. Traffic is very low, you've got great opportunities to see some critters on the hills, it works with your natural circadian rhythm, and it puts the 200K riders in Seward with enough time to catch the train back to Anchorage! And you know how I love that multi-modal transpo stuff!!
Live a little. Weekends were never for sleeping in.
Anyway, the days are long this time of year, and this latitude doesn't do much to accommodate night riding. We hear from our rando brothers and sisters Outside about the magic of riding through the night. It's great, and I urge you to give it a try. Riding in the pre-dawn grey of the morning is a transformative experience. And frankly, if you've ever considered qualifying and riding one of the big rides Outside, or one of the RM 1200Ks, you better get some experience riding during the wee hours.
Everything you need to know about this weekend's 200K/400K brevets is HERE and HERE.
See you at the start!

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