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You all know that we had to push the Anch/Palmer/Anch 200K/300K back by a week. Now they're on the same date as the Denali Highway 200K. Damn, that's a tough decision.

We had our BWR volunteers' meeting last week. Great turnout. Committed and involved people who're excited to make the BWR happen. 

If you're not signed up the this year's BWR, there are still spots available. But, if the BWR 1200K is a bit much to bite off this season, consider coming up for our Solstice 600K. It's sort of a mini-BWR. It covers the finest 200K section of the BWR – an unbelievalbly beautiful section of the remote Richardson Highway that passes through the Alaska Range. Check it out…the Richardson is actually the original trail used by the prospectors back in the 1800s to get to the Interior!

There are lots of flights available. If you've always wanted to ride Alaska, do it this year over summer solstice!

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