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Anch/Seward 200K/400K


A combination of classics, a 200 KM Anchorage/Seward one-way or a 400 KM round-trip brevet course, traversing out-and/or-back through Southcentral Alaska. The Seward Highway route offers dramatic coastline views, with the chance to see beluga whales, eagles and bore tides, as well as ascending 900' over Turnagain Pass and riding through the Kenai Mountains to reach the coastal town of Seward, located at the head of beautiful Resurrection Bay.

For the 200K, there are a couple of interesting options to add to the ride. Consider spending the night in Seward and riding back the following day. The extra challenge will really boost your endurance to the next level, and show you that you probably have what it takes for a 300K or a 400K.

Or, make reservations with the Alaska Railroad, and take the Saturday train back to Anchorage to sleep in your own bed. The 200K starts early enough that you can still make the trail in Seward. What a great combination of multi-mode transportation options!

Drop bag service will be available for the low, low price of…F-R-E-E.

All ride details are HERE.
Online registration only: http://www.bikereg.com/anchorageseward-200k400k

Special Instructions:
1) Sign the 2014 RUSA Liability Waiver
2) Bring a pen!
3) Bring your camera, and take photos during the ride!
4) Calibrate your cyclocomputer, before the event, and know how to use it!
5) Join or renew your RUSA membership

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