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Grassroots riding on one of North America's longest dirt-road randonnées! Don't miss this wild weekend w/ the crew of the Alaska Endurance Association's Denali Classic Gravel Grinder. Carlos and his merry band extend their generocity to the rando crowd in the hopes of creating some cross pollination opportunities. The road has been freshly plowed, and the lodges on the course are eager to feed you.
Two important rules:
1) Bring a large amount of food and libation for the post ride potluck
2) Bring a big bundle of firewood for the community flame.

All ride details are HERE.
Online registration only: http://www.bikereg.com/denali

Special Instructions:
1) Sign the 2014 RUSA Liability Waiver
2) Bring a pen!
3) Bring your camera, and take photos during the ride!
4) Calibrate your cyclocomputer, before the event, and know how to use it!
5) Join or renew your RUSA membership

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