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Put the adventure and challenge back in your ride. Ride with the Alaska Randonneurs.

- Randonneuring season in Alaska kicks off next month with the Talkeetna 100K on April 11th.
- Rando Info Night: Wednesday, 6PM 3/18/15 at Speedway Cycles. Get ready and learn everything you need for a successful season of randonneuring.
- Our full schedule of rides is HERE!

In addition to our full brevet schedule, we’re bringing back the team randonnée event. Get your team together early. Route submissions are due April 25th.

If you’re aiming to ride more than a few brevets, consider our Season Pass. It covers a full Super Randonneur series needed to qualify for Paris-Brest-Paris 1200Km, and also allows you to ride every single one of our other rides at no additional charge (except the Ronde and team events)

Come ride with us!

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