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Congratulations to our Homer End of the Road 200K finishers:
Buzz – 9:34
Karl – 12:45
Martin – 9:41
Tim – 12:45

Congratulations are also in order for a tenacious group of riders who decided to ride in Palmer this past Saturday. It was cold and wet all day, with temperatures hovering in the low to mid 40s. For the 100K we had a tandem duo, and they shredded the pavement:
Jennifer M. – 3:54
Paul – 3:54
For the 200K a trio started, and one of them had a flat less than five miles from Palmer. After repairing that and getting back under way they rode all over the Valley and, somehow, managed to keep their spirits high and continue pedaling away. One of them called it a day as they came back through Palmer on their way out to Knik River Road, but the other two powered on to the finish:
Jennifer D. – 13:14
Melissa – 13:14

We tip our cap to all who come out to ride!

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