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Hi, I'm Burney, the new RBA for Alaska Randonneurs.

The very first thing I want to do as RBA is personally invite each and every one of you to come out and ride with us.

We have three rides left for 2015:

Palmer Backroads 100K/200K – September 26th

Anchorage North 100K/200K – October 3rd

Anchorage South 100/200 – October 17th

There is no way forward for Alaska Randonneurs that fails to recognize the enormous contribution to Alaska randonneuring made by our recently-retired RBA, Kevin.  There are so many countless hours spent behind the scenes making sure everything goes right–and making right the things that don't–and so much of it goes unseen and unappreciated.  Kevin, from the bottom of my heart, and on behalf of every Alaska randonneur (and all of those who have come to ride with us from Outside), THANK YOU!  We wish you the best, wherever life (and your bicycle) takes you.

See you on the road,




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