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Randonneuring is about putting the adventure back in your rides. It’s about challenging yourself to see just how far you can ride, unsupported, totally under your own power, from town to town, within a certain time limit. We call these rambling rides “brevets” (bruh vays). It’s a French word, because randonneuring (rambling) began in France shortly after the bicycle was invented. And our brevet courses are beautiful, long, scenic, interesting, and challenging. That’s why our rides have such a broad appeal to so many different type of cyclists. Some riders enjoy a pace that allows them to soak up the whole experience, while others may want to challenge themselves for a personal best.

The Alaska Randonneurs have been providing full ACP Super Randonneur (SR) brevet series for cyclists since 1998. And several of our riders have qualified for and ridden the legendary Paris-Brest-Paris 1200Km grand randonnée in ’99, ’03, ’07, and ’11.

In addition to a full SR series, we offer several additional brevets and populaires throughout the riding season (winter too!), usually including at least one dirt road randonnée.

We love riding our bikes. And Alaska is a wonderful, exciting, and challenging place to do it.

We seek out the most interesting cycling routes in Alaska, with brevet and permanent courses in amazing destination locations such as Homer, Kenai, the Denali Park road, Talkeetna, Glennallen, Valdez, Gakona, Delta Junction, Copper Center, Sutton, Moose Pass, and many more.

Whether you’re a fit commuter accustom to riding in the dark and in all kinds of weather conditions, or you’re an experienced racer or triathlete training for the Fireweed 400, randonneuring offers you a way to challenge yourself on roads you’ve probably never ridden before, and in a non-competitive style emphasizing friendly camaraderie, and where self-sufficiency and determination are paramount.

The Alaska Randonneurs is an Alaska nonprofit organization working to attain 501(c)(3) status. We are 100% volunteer operated. Everything we do is because someone like you generously donated their time and energy to keep randonneuring going in Alaska. Don’t hesitate to lend a hand and join us! We’d love having your energy, enthusiasm, and organization working with our group.

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