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Start Date: Sat, 06/21/2014

Description: This is a beautiful combination of rides. Ride the 200K and spend the night at a B&B in Delta Junction, then ride back and meet us in Gakona for the finish of the 600K. Or, ride the 400K to Tok. Or go for the whole enchilada and ride the 600K loop along lightly traveled highways, in Interior Alaska. Start making plans early if you want overnight accommodations in Delta Junction or Tok.

Be aware that the 200K finishes about 30K short of Delta Junction.

Gakona accommodations: Gakona Lodge. Tok accommodations: Young's Motel.

Online Registration: http://www.bikereg.com/solstice

Check-In Opens: 05:30

Ride Starts: 06:00

Start contrôle closes immediately after the ride begins.

Start LocationGakona Lodge Parking Lot

Distance: 200/400/600 Kilometers +/-

Type: ACP brevet

Time Limit: 13.5/27/40 Hours, respectively


200K – $20 Online. $30 Ride-day

400K - $40 Online. $50 Ride-day

600K – $60 Online. $70 Ride-day

Organizer: Kevin Turinsky

Phone: 907-317-6030

E-mail: info@alaskarandonneurs.org

Special Instructions: This is a huge, remote ride, but entirely within your range if you've done your preparation. Services are very limited, and are only available in Gakona, Paxon, Delta Junction, Dot Lake, Tok, Mentasta Lodge, and Chistochina.  Remember, the spirit of randonneuring emphasizes self-sufficiency. If your derailleur cable breaks, you gotta fix it. Be prepared to carry at least 200K+ worth of food and water at all times. Also, it's your responsibility to have your brevet card properly completed at each control point. DO NOT LOSE YOUR BREVET CARD! Bring lights, front and rear. Though the days are long, if it's overcast at all, you'll need a Cat Eye 530 at least. Drop-bag service will be available. Most riders get a room at Young's Motel for a few hours sleep.

Both the 200K and the 400K brevets are one-way brevets. Returning to the start will be totally up to you. Options to consider are overnighting in either Delta Junction or Tok. If you ride the 200K you could ride back to your car the following day. If you ride the 400K, you can ride the additional 200K back to Gakona. Or, if you have someone driving up with you, have them meet you at the finish of your ride with the car.

Please be polite/courteous/civil to convenience store attendants. It's your responsibility to know the Alaska state and local road laws. Link to Alaska Bicycle Law.

Reminders: Join or renew your RUSA membership.

Most Important: All riders are reminded that any failure to conduct the ride in accordance with RUSA rules (www.rusa.org), applicable laws, or any special instructions or equipment requirements for this ride may result in a time penalty or disqualification. Sorry, I had to say that. Right now would be a good time to read RUSA's Rules for Riders (http://www.rusa.org/brvreg.html) Also, you've got to wear your helmet.

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