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Start Date: Sat, 05/17/2014

DescriptionThe days are getting longer, and so are our rides! Just set your PR at the Bike for Women? Looking to get some L.S.D. for the Fireweed in two months? Randonneuring has everything you need. Our rides are Scenic, interesting, challenging, and adventurous. We’ll put we you roads you didn’t even know existed up here.

Choose one of three overlapping courses Saturday, May 17th. Each one is a rambling course with a variety of encounters ranging from local urban neighborhoods, quiet backroads, deep valleys surrounded by soaring, snowcapped peaks, a Native village, industrial zones, beaches and ocean views, rivers and railroads. Along the way, you'll pass through Anchorage, Eagle River, Chugiak/Birchwood/Peters Creek, Eklutna, Palmer, and Knik. There will be plenty of places to stop to refuel along the way in any one of these communities; lots of stores, restaurants, cafes, convenience stores, etc. There are a few hilly sections, but you should be well prepared from the last two 200Ks.

Come ride some new roads, make some new friends, ride until your lungs burst, or simply enjoy the journey.

Online Registration: https://www.bikereg.com/anchoragepalmeranchorage-100k200k300k (closes 9PM, May 16, 2014)

Check-In: 7:00AM – 7:45AM

Ride Starts: 8:00AM

Start control closes immediately after the ride begins.

Start Location: Carrs/Safeway, 1501 Huffman, Anchorage, Alaska

100K Course Map: http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/fullscreen/386646796/

200K Course Map: http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/fullscreen/201074398/

300K Course Map: http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/fullscreen/200996598/

Distance: 100Km, 200Km & 300Km +/-

Type: ACP brevet

Time Limit: 6.5 Hours, 13.5 Hours, 20 Hours

Online Registration Cost: $10/$20/$30

Ride-day Registration Cost: $20/$30/$40

Organizer: Kevin Turinsky

Phone: 907-317-6030

E-mail: info@alaskarandonneurs.org

Special Instructions:

1) Bring a pen!
2) Bring your camera, and take photos during the ride!
3) Calibrate your cyclocomputer, before the event, and know how to use it!
4) Join or renew your RUSA membership

All controls are info-controls. You must have something to write with. The rides are getting longer now. If you expect you might be on the course beyond 22:00, you must use an operating front and rear light. There are lots to decent, affordable LED lights on the market now that will fit the bill nicely.

Please take photos of you, your bike, your journey, your riding buddies, during your ride. Send them to us to post on the blog or on the AK Randonneurs' Flickr site (www.flickr.com/groups/alaskarandonneurs/)

As is the nature of randonneuring, these rides are always unsupported. Fenders with mud flaps are strongly encouraged, or you'll face the scorn and abuse of your fellow randonneurs drafting you when the skies open up or when the roads become muddy. This is also a great time to try out lights, bags, racks, food, etc. Rear lights, in non-flashing mode only, are strongly encouraged for every ride. Remember, the spirit of randonneuring emphasizes self-sufficiency. If your derailleur cable breaks, you gotta fix it. Also, it's your responsibility to have your brevet card properly completed at each control point. DO NOT LOSE YOUR BREVET CARD!

Please be polite/courteous/civil to convenience store attendants. It's your responsibility to know the Alaska state and local road laws. Ride no more than two up. White light front, red light rear between dusk and dawn.

Reminders: Join or renew your RUSA membership.

Most Important: All riders are reminded that any failure to conduct the ride in accordance with RUSA rules (www.rusa.org), applicable laws, or any special instructions or equipment requirements for this ride may result in a time penalty or disqualification. Sorry, I had to say that. Right now would be a good time to read RUSA's Rules for Riders (http://www.rusa.org/brvreg.html) Also, you've got to wear your helmet.

100K Cue Sheet: Anchorage Palmer Anchorage 200K Route Sheet 2014

200K Cue Sheet: Anchorage Palmer Anchorage 200K Route Sheet 2014

300K Cue Sheet: Anchorage Palmer Anchorage 300K Route Sheet 2014

Waiver: 2014 RUSA Liability Waiver

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