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Talkeetna 100K/200K

Start Date: Sat, 4/12/2014

Description: Talkeetna is our newest riding destination. We've always loved it as a jumping off point for ski trips and expeditions into the Alaska Range, but during last spring's Big Wild Ride recon roadtrip, we discovered it's great potential for early-season riding. Plus, the après vélo is expected to be a refined experience with a number of excellent restaurants and an award-winning brewpub in close proximity at which to refuel after the ride.

The Talkeetna Roadhouse will open up at 6:30AM Saturday morning for a special riders' breakfast. They also have comfy, cozy rooms available for Friday night. Make it easy on yourself; drive up after work on Friday, get a good night's rest at the Roadhouse before Saturday's ride.

Online RegistrationHERE. Online registration closes Thursday, April 10 at 9PM AST.

Check-In: 7:00AM – 7:45AM

Ride Starts: 8:00AM

Start control closes immediately after the ride begins.

Start LocationThe Talkeetna Roadhouse.

Distance: 100 or 200 Kilometers +/-

Climbing: 200K approx 2700'

Type: ACP 200K brevet, RUSA 100K populaire

Time Limit: 13.5 Hours (200K), 6.5 Hours (100K)

Fee: $20 (200K), $10 (100K) + BikeReg fee. Or, $30/$20 ride-day registration.

Maps of courses:

100K - http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/fullscreen/189057850/

200K - http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/fullscreen/189060156/ (GPX)

Organizer: Kevin Turinsky

Phone: 907-317-6030 (mobile)

E-mail: info@alaskarandonneurs.org

Special Instructions:

1) Bring a pen!
2) Bring your camera, and take photos during the ride!
3) Calibrate your cyclocomputer, before the event, and know how to use it!
4) Join or renew your RUSA membership

Beware of riding in a paceline with riders you're unfamiliar. Insure your cables and chain are in running condition before the ride. Check your tubes and patch kit from last season. Does your pump still work? Fenders with mud flaps are always strongly encouraged, or you'll face the scorn and abuse of your fellow randonneurs drafting you when the skies open up or when the roads become muddy. This is also a great time to try out lights, bags, racks, food, etc. Rear lights, in non-flashing mode only, are strongly encouraged for every ride. Remember, the spirit of randonneuring emphasizes self-sufficiency. If your derailleur cable breaks, you gotta fix it. Also, it's your responsibility to have your brevet card properly completed at each control point. DO NOT LOSE YOUR BREVET CARD!Please be polite/courteous/civil to convenience store attendants. It's your responsibility to know the Alaska state and local road laws. Ride no more than two up. White light front, red light rear between dusk and dawn.

Reminders: Join or renew your RUSA membership.

Most Important: All riders are reminded that any failure to conduct the ride in accordance with RUSA rules (www.rusa.org), applicable laws, or any special instructions or equipment requirements for this ride may result in a time penalty or disqualification. Sorry, I had to say that. Right now would be a good time to read RUSA's Rules for Riders (http://www.rusa.org/brvreg.html) Also, you've got to wear your helmet.

2014 RUSA Liability Waiver

Talkeetna North 200K Route Sheet 2013

2013 Talkeetna North 200K Control Card

Talkeetna 100K Route Sheet 2013

2013 Talkeetna 100K Control Card

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