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You're in love with nature and her wildness and beauty untouched by the consequences of the speed that things are going in the world. You love to discover nature and its faces and wealth and you love to do all those things being close to the surroundings. By chance, you discover that you can do that with your bike. And so you also discover real and complex communities of people just like you. And it's been a while since that moment. Now you're permanently looking for new trails and paths to follow to accomplish your desire to see as much you can from this beautiful world.

And from this point of view, Yukon bicycle is the „mother” of all cycling trails. If you don’t know, the Yukon is the smallest federal territory from Canada. Whitehorse it’s his capital and his only city.

Around this town is a complex network of trails, the "heaven" for bikers from worldwide. But three riding areas are the most spectacular. We are talking about Grey Mountain, Yukon River Trail, and Mount McIntyre.

First, of them, the Grey Mountain Road is the most important of them, being the largest cycling trail around Whitehorse. It’s well known for the variety of trails that were built according to different levels of difficulty, from easy to expert. But the most popular and known in the bickers communities is the Money Shot trail. There it’s about a 700 m downhill from the highest cliffs of the mountain to Yukon River. For the bikers, the moment when they reach the end meaning the foot of the mountain and they see the beauty of the land, is the most significant from their journey.

On the other hand, if you choose the Yukon River Trail and if you are going to pass through a place named Canyon City, you’ll have the chance to step on the footsteps of gold seekers that in old times passed through this land on their way to Klondike. This cycling trail is a smooth one but she has also some sectors with many ups and downs and curves. It was like in a rollercoaster, said some bikers that followed that cycling trail.

And the third most important cycling trail around Whitehorse is the one who can be found on Mount McIntyre. This is a more technical one, with many difficult sectors. This is where the bikers will find the trail named “The Blair Witch Project”, like the famous movie. And you bikers have to know that the landscapes are looking similar. So you have to be courageous to choose this one.

So in Yukon, you’ll have the opportunity to discover so many places that can’t be seen in other countries from the world. Those three important cycling trails offer you the chance to also discover your skills and also your abilities and limits. And of course, we must not forget the locals. They offer you all the things that you need for your journey. And the Whitehorse it’s a nice town, with many good and fancy restaurants where you can taste from the local's specialties.

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